Have you seen the Sleep System by AAT?

The AAT Stabilo Sleep System is a three layer system based upon the Stabilo Grande range of vacuum posture cushions and mattresses, achieved in combination with fully flexible memory foam and impermeable, breathable, anti-alergic,  washable zip cover.          An essential feature of this solution is it’s “stretchability”, both the foam layer and the cover … More Have you seen the Sleep System by AAT?

Posture Cushions

Stabilisation Posture Cushions – Can be instantly re-shaped on demand… Posture Cushions by AAT are a system of stabilisation cushions with wide variety of applications, from correct sitting prophylactics, through to rehabilitation, to help in care. Thanks to the Adaptability of individual cushions the shape of user’s body may be used to improve sitting or … More Posture Cushions