My Auntie Doris :) 

My Auntie Doris, like other elderly people, doesn’t have an actual disability or condition. Old age plays a big part in not being able to move around as much as she used to. Christmas time is when the family all comes together, and if old age gets in the way of that it can be upsetting and disappointing for themselves and family members. Luckily we had access to the C-Max Stairclimber which allowed us to spend Christmas all together! I thought Auntie would be quite nervous on the C-Max Stairclimber and maybe even refuse to use it but once I explained to her that it was 100% safe and that the brakes automatically come on as required she relaxed and we started making our way up the stairs. She loved it! Auntie Doris thought it was the best thing since sliced bread! She even asked to take leaflets to show her WI team back home which was great! Knowing that we can hire these machines out for as little as a weekend means that no one needs to miss out at family events anymore! Thanks C-Max!

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