Totally chilled out and relaxed!

We had a visit at special school on the Staffordshire moorlands, to assess for a seating solution for in the classroom. AL is sat in structured seating and needs a comfortable chair to sit without straps and harnessing to chill and watch TV. The issue is that AL is a strong extender and there are not any supportive seating systems that are comfortable which offer the ability to tolerate AL’s strong extensions without the need for straps and harnessing. AL had already tried the Peapod but was extending out of the chair, but this was not providing a safe solution.
Before trying the chilli bean I shaped it into an approximate position for AL putting emphasis on creating a deep bucket seat to help prevent AL extending out of the chilli. When AL was hoisted into the chilli, he did try to extend, but once he felt the security of the chilli he started to relax. After the moulding process was complete, AL completely relaxed, his classroom teachers commented that he did not move in the 15 minutes he was sat in it, totally chilled out and relaxed! more

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