Gravity Chair… the results where there for all to see!

TL is a little boy who is diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum, this can make activities such as watching TV, interacting with his family and craft activities a challenge. I conducted an assessment to try out the Gravity Chair with the OT in charge of his case. When we arrived TL was quite agitated at having people he did not know in his home, his mother explained this is quite a common reaction to people he is unsure of. What I did to help with the assessment was to put the Gravity Chair in a location near to the TV with TL’s favourite programs on. TL started to investigate the chair and after coming back to it several times he sat in it by himself. Once TL sat in the Gravity Chair the results where there for all to see, he completely relaxed and started to watch the TV! TL’s mother could not believe what she was seeing, after 20 minutes she commented that TL had never sat for so long in one position! more

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